War in Heaven

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  1. The Woman Clothed with the Sun - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 12:1-6 - The appearance of the "son" triggers a "war in heaven")
  2. The War in Heaven and on the Earth - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 12:7-17 - Having failed to destroy the Son, the Dragon wages war against the "seed" of the woman)
  3. The Victory of the Saints over the Dragon - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 12:11 - The saints overcome the Dragon through their faithful witness and martyrdom)
  4. The Beast from the Sea - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 13:1-5 -The Dragon summons his "seed" to battle the saints, the Beast from the sea)
  5. The Beast Wars Against the Saints - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 13:6-10 -The Beast wages war on the saints on behalf of the Dragon)
  6. The Beast from the Earth - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 13:11-15 -The Beast from the earth is the mouthpiece of the Beast from the sea)
  7. The Mark of the Beast - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 13:16-18 - Humanity is divided between those who follow the Lamb and those who take the Mark of the Beast)
  8. The 144000 Followers of the Lamb on Zion - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 14:1-5 - The followers of the Lamb are contrasted with the followers of the Beast)
  9. The Everlasting Gospel Prepares for the Coming Harvest - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 14:6-7 Another angel announces the everlasting gospel to prepare for the coming final harvest)
  10. The Announcement of the Fall of Babylon - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 14:8-11 Two more angels appear to announce the fall of Babylon and judgment on the men who paid homage to the Beast)
  11. The Sea of Glass - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 15:1-8 - The victorious saints are standing on the Sea of Glass before the Throne)
  12. The First Four Bowls of Wrath - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 16:1-9The first four Bowls of Wrath destroy the economic infrastructure of the realm of the Beast)
  13. The Fifth and Sixth Bowls of Wrath - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 16:10-16 - The fifth Bowl of Wrath darkens the realm of the Beast; the sixth unleashes the final battle against the Lamb)
  14. The Seventh Bowl of Wrath - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 16:17-21 - The last bowl culminates in the overthrow of Babylon)
  1. The Mark of the Beast or the Seal of God? - {PDF Copy} - (The Mark of the Beast is the satanic counterpart to the seal of God)
  2. The Victims of the Beast - {PDF Copy} - (The Dragon and its earthly agents wage war” on the saints of the Lamb, the Church, not against national and ethnic groups)
  3. The Single Beast of Revelation is not Identical to the Four Beasts of Daniel - {PDF Copy} - (John saw a single beast rising from the sea, whereas, Daniel saw four beasts)
  4. The Counterfeit Religion of the Beast - {PDF Copy} - (The Beast from the Earth mimics the Lamb to entice the inhabitants of the earth to worship a false god)
  5. The Military Campaigns of the Beast from the Sea - {PDF Copy} - (The language of war is employed in Revelation to portray the assaults of the Dragon against the saints who follow the Lamb)
  6. Mark of the Beast - Considerations - {PDF Copy} - (When we imbibe the values of the existing world order, we begin to take the "mark of the Beast”)
  7. The Universal Extent of the Beast's Reign - {PDF Copy} - (In the book of Revelation, “all” means “all.” All rulers, nations, and inhabitants of the earth that do not follow the Lamb render homage to the Beast from the sea)
  8. The Antichrist; What Kind of Leader? - {PDF Copy} - (In the New Testament, Antichrist figures are deceivers active within the church)
  9. The Kings of the East - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 16:12 - The "kings of the east" are identical with the "kings of the earth" at Armageddon)
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