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Military Campaigns of the Beast

SYNOPSIS  -  The language of war is used in Revelation to portray the attacks of the Dragon against the saints  –  Revelation 11:7, 12:17, 13:7 . T he  book of Revelation  uses the language and imagery of war to illustrate the efforts by Satan and his earthly agents to destroy the “ saints ” of the “ Lamb .” The book shows no interest in conventional or nuclear wars between nation-states; instead, the “ Dragon ” is determined to annihilate the church before his allotted time expires. To achieve victory over believers, he uses deception, compromise, and persecution. - [ Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash ].

An Ancient Beast

SYNOPSIS  -  The “beast from the sea” is the latest incarnation of an ancient creature that has been active since the fall of Adam .  In  Revelation , the “ Dragon, that Ancient Serpent ” was poised to make “ war ” on the “ seed of the woman .” Satan was standing on the seashore to summon his “ seed ” to execute this “ war ” - The “ beast from the sea ” and the “ beast from the earth .” His intended victim was the “ seed of the woman ,” a group of men and women comprised of those who have the “ testimony of Jesus ” -  ( Revelation 12:1-17 ). [ Photo by  David Clode  on Unsplash ].

Beast from the Abyss

SYNOPSIS  -  The first appearance of the “beast” is at its ascent from the “Abyss” to wage “war” against the “two witnesses”  –  Revelation 11:7 .  In  Revelation , the “ Abyss ” first appears when the “ fifth trumpet ” sounds , a dark pit from which a cloud of smoke and demonic creatures “ ascend ” to afflict the “ inhabitants of the earth .” Several times in the book, satanic forces “ ascend ” from this place to wreak havoc on the earth and to wage war against the “ saints .” In the vision of the “ two witnesses ,” the “ beast ascended ” from this pit to “ slay ” the “ two witnesses ” after they “ completed their testimony ” - ( Revelation 9:1-3 ). [ Photo by  Mick Haupt  on Unsplash ].

Two Witnesses Slain

SYNOPSIS  –  Hated by the impenitent, the “inhabitants of the earth” rejoice over the deaths of the two witnesses  -  Revelation 11:8-14 .  The “ second woe ” does not end or the “ third woe ” begin until the mission of the " two witnesses " is completed, just as John was told after he had received the “ little scroll " from the mighty angel. Moreover, the completion of their testimony means their deaths at the hands of the " beast from the Abyss " - ( Revelation 10:7  – “ It behooves you to prophesy against peoples and nations and tongues, and many kings ”). - [ Photo by  Hello I'm Nik  on Unsplash ].

Kingdom - Priests

SYNOPSIS  –  Christians reign with Jesus and fulfill their royal role as “priests” who render service to God in His “Tabernacle”  -  Revelation 1:5-6 .  The self-sacrificial death of Jesus is  THE  foundation and source for the visions of the  book of Revelation . Moreover, his death means installation of overcoming believers to become “ priests .” He reigns already over the “ kings of the earth ” because of his death and resurrection, and the outpouring of his lifeblood has consecrated us to be “ priests ” to his God - [ Calvary - Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash ]:

Sanctuary and Priests

SYNOPSIS  –  The sanctuary must be “measured” before the city can be inhabited, but first, it must be “trampled underfoot”  -  Revelation 11:1-2 .  In chapter 10, John consumed the “ little scroll .” He found it “ sweet as honey ” on his lips, but “ bitter ” in his belly. Next, he was commanded to “ prophesy again over many peoples and nations and tongues and kings .” The directive sets the stage for the next two visions - the “ measuring of the sanctuary ” and the “ two witnesses .” Both visions are connected by the mathematically-equivalent chronological marker – “ forty-two months ” or “ 1,260-days ”  - ( Revelation 10:8-11, 11:1-2 ). - [ Photo by  Isaac Smith  on Unsplash ].