Lamb or Beast

Discussions on the “ Mark of the Beast ” focus on the significance of its Number, ‘ 666 .’ We wish to understand it, and thereby avoid taking it. But to better appreciate the ramifications of taking its “ Mark ,” we must perceive that the Book of Revelation contrasts the “ Mark of the Beast ” with the “ Seal of God .” Every man must choose between two irreconcilable alternatives, and either choice has consequences.

The Coming War

Several times Revelation describes a future war, the final assault by Satan against the followers of Jesus before the judgment and descent of New Jerusalem. In each case, the Greek term translated as “war” is singular, and its noun form is accompanied by the definite article or “the.” It is “ THE war .”

Comprendre les temps

Jésus le Nazaréen est celui qui dévoile les mystères de Dieu. Lui seul est qualifié pour révéler l'essence du “ Dieu invisible .” Toutes les promesses de Dieu trouvent leur accomplissement en lui, leur “ Oui et Amen .” Il est la clé d'interprétation qui ouvre les Écritures hébraïques et fournit la compréhension correcte de la prophétie biblique et des “ temps et saisons ”.

Understanding the Times

Jesus the Nazarene is the one who unveils the mysteries of God. Only he is qualified to reveal the essence of the “ unseen God .” All the promises of God find their fulfillment in him, their “ yea and Amen .” He is the interpretive key that unlocks the Hebrew Scriptures and provides the correct understanding of Bible prophecy and the “ times and seasons .”

Overview of Daniel

The Book of Daniel is a well-structured literary work, not a collection of folk stories or random and unrelated visions. At its beginning, the key themes of the Book are presented in brief, then worked out in detail in its subsequent chapters, and each new vision builds on the preceding ones.