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Four Beasts - Interpretation

The vision of the fourth beast, its arrogant “little horn” and the war it waged on the saints is interpreted by an angelic being - Daniel 7:15-28 .  Daniel’s vision of the four beasts “ ascending from the sea ” concluded with a judgment scene. In it, the figure “ like a Son of Man ” approached the “ Ancient of Days ” to receive everlasting “ dominion .” His vision left Daniel confused and troubled, but an angel provided him with its interpretation.  The “ Son of Man ” represented the people of God destined to inherit the kingdom - [ Photo by Mark Nemenzo on Unsplash ].

Fourth Beast

The fourth beast is the focus of the vision, especially its “little horn with a mouth speaking great things” - Daniel 7:7-14 .  The fourth “ beast ” is described in more detail than the first three.  It is the focus of the vision, especially the “ little horn that was speaking great things .” The other “ beasts ” provide background information for the rise of this kingdom. Unlike the first three, it has no analog in the animal kingdom. It is an unnatural creature with “ iron teeth ” and “ ten horns ” - [ Feathered Dinosaur - Photo by Amy Baugess on Unsplash ].

First Three Beasts

Daniel saw four creatures with strange features ascending from the wind-tossed sea, representing four successive kingdoms .  In a dream, Daniel saw “ four beasts ascending ” from the chaotic sea, which corresponded to the four parts of the “ great image ” that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his earlier dream with the head of gold, the arms and breast of silver, belly and thighs of brass, and its legs of iron and clay. Daniel’s vision began with that same fourfold structure - [ Photo by  Joshua Earle  on Unsplash ].

Fear the Living God

The pronouncement by Darius after Daniel’s rescue from the lions is alluded to in the angel’s pronouncement to the “earth dwellers” in Revelation .  When Daniel was miraculously delivered from the lions, “ Darius the Mede ” was relieved, so much so that he issued a decree to all his subjects commanding them to revere Daniel’s God. But he also condemned the prophet’s accusers to be cast into the lions’ den instead of Daniel. And both incidents are reflected in the Book of Revelation . - [ Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash ].

Next Imperial Power

The rescue of Daniel from the ravenous lions demonstrated that Yahweh remained in firm control of history – Daniel 6:1-28 .  After the overthrow of the Babylonian Empire, the new ruler of the province appointed Daniel as his chief officer over the other civil servants of that region. This caused resentment among other officials, so a conspiracy was hatched to destroy the prophet by trapping him with his own words, even ensnaring the unwitting king in the plot - [ Photo by Stefano Vigorelli on Unsplash ].