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Reign of the Saints

SYNOPSIS :   The saints reign with Jesus in the present age as a “Kingdom of Priests”  –  Revelation 20:4-6 . Remi Yuan on Unsplash Only two activities that are to occur during the thousand-year period are recorded - The imprisonment of Satan, and the reign of victorious saints. Ironically, the “ rest of the dead ” do not live until the “ second death .” There is no mention of any temple, the city of Jerusalem, the restoration of animal sacrifices, or national Israel in Chapter 20 of the  book of Revelation . Furthermore, the passage is the ONLY one in the entire Bible to refer to a thousand-year period during which the saints “ reign .”

Sixth Bowl - Armageddon

Synopsis  - The sixth “bowl” begins the final battle between the “Lamb” and the “Dragon” - Armageddon – Revelation 16:12-16 .  By  Khadeeja Yasser  on Unsplash The first four “ bowls of wrath ” targeted the economic foundations of the World-Power, while the fifth one attacked the political authority of the “ Beast from the Sea .” Now, demonic forces are released when the sixth “ bowl of wrath ” is emptied in order to gather the “ kings of the earth ” to the final battle of the “ Great Day of God the Almighty ” – ( Revelation 16:12-16 ).

Fifth Bowl of Wrath

Synopsis  - The first four “bowls” undermined the economic structure of the World-Power; now, the fifth “bowl” targets its political dimension – Revelation 16:10-11 .  By  Stefan Gogov  on Unsplash The first “ four bowls of wrath ” attacked the economic infrastructure so vital to the ability of the “ Beast ” to dominate the “ inhabitants of the earth ,” and to wage war “ against the saints .” At this point, the system of global commerce on which the World-Power depends is either destroyed or greatly weakened - ( Revelation 16:1-9 ).

Tent of Witness

SYNOPSIS  – The destructive force of the seven “last plagues” corresponds to the destruction of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea after Israel passed through the sea – Revelation 15:5-8 .  By  frank mckenna  on Unsplash Having seen the saints standing victorious on the  Sea of Glass mixed with fire , John next sees the “ Sanctuary ” and the “ Tent of Witness ” located in “ heaven .” It is from the “ Sanctuary ” that the seven angels are dispatched to empty the contents of the “ seven bowls of wrath ” upon the earth.

Song of Moses and the Lamb

Synopsis  - Having “overcome” the Beast, the victorious People of God stand “upon” the Sea of Glass to sing the song of Moses and the Lamb – Revelation 15:1-4 .  By  Mark Harpur  on Unsplash The fifteenth chapter of  Revelation  introduces the seven angels poised to pour out the contents of the seven “ bowls of wrath .” When they do so, they will unleash the “ seven last plagues upon the earth .” Then Chapter 16 describes the effects of these seven “ plagues ,” which collectively complete the “ wrath of God ."

Final Day and Hour

SYNOPSIS  -  Revelation moves inexorably from the Death and Resurrection of Jesus to the Great Dénouement , the final day when God judges the wicked and vindicates the righteous . By  Michael Busch  on Unsplash At the conclusion of his ‘Olivet Discourse,’ Jesus presented the parable of the Sheep and the Goats. On the day when the “ Son of Man arrives in his glory ,” his angels will gather all the nations before him for judgment – They will be divided into two groups, just as the shepherd of a flock separates the “ sheep ” from the “ goats .” The latter will “ depart into everlasting destruction ,” but the former “ into everlasting life .”