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  1. The Age of Salvation - {PDF Copy} - (The Gospel of the Kingdom announced by Jesus offers salvation and life to all men and women of every nation and people)
  2. Christ or Lucifer - {PDF Copy} - (The Inhabitants of the Earth refuse to follow the Lamb, instead, choosing to give their allegiance to the Dragon)
  3. Sign of the End - {PDF Copy} - (According to Jesus. the End will not come until the Gospel of the Kingdom of God has been proclaimed to all nations – Matthew 24:14)
  4. His Witnesses - {PDF Copy} - (The men purchased from every nation by the Lamb become his priestly witnesses who persevere in the Testimony of Jesus)
  5. Priestly Kingdom - {PDF Copy} - (Disciples reign with Jesus as priests who render service in his Tabernacle and mediate his light and Word in the World)
  6. Priestly Slaves - {PDF Copy} - (To be a priestly citizen of the Kingdom of God requires a life of self-sacrificial service to others, not power over themMark 10:35-45)
  7. An End Time People - {PDF Copy} - (The church is the battlefield where the final war is being waged between the Lamb and the Ancient Serpent, Satan)
  8. The Redeemed of the Earth - {PDF Copy} - (The one people of God is composed of the men and women purchased from every nation by the blood of the Lamb)
  9. Call to Persevere - {PDF Copy} - (Through a series of seven beatitudes, Revelation summons believers to faithfulness despite hostility and persecution)
  10. Redeeming the Nations - {PDF Copy} - (The Nations and the Kings of the Earth are found in the City of New Jerusalem because of the redeeming work of the Slain Lamb)
  11. Innumerable Saints  - {PDF Copy} - (John now sees an innumerable multitude from all nations standing before the Lamb and the Throne)
  12. Tribulation vs Wrath - {PDF Copy} - (Disciples escape God’s wrath, but they endure tribulation, and the Assembly has been appointed to tribulation – 1 Thessalonians 3:1-4)
  13. Tribulation of the Church - {PDF Copy} - (In Revelation, faithful saints undergo tribulation, but the unrepentant inhabitants of the earth  receive wrath, the Second Death)
  14. Lamb or Beast - {PDF Copy} - (In Revelation, every man must choose between loyalty to the Beast from the Sea or the sacrificial Lamb)
  15. Martyrs and Overcomers - {PDF Copy} - (In the Book of Revelation, overcoming saints persevere in their testimony for Jesus whatever the cost, even a martyr’s death)
  16. The Reign of the Saints - {PDF Copy} - (The saints reign as a kingdom of priests during the thousand years, having overcome the Beast)
  17. His Day - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus will arrive to gather his people to himself on the Day of the Lord, and in the New Testament, this event becomes the Day of Christ)
  18. Babylonian Territory - {PDF Copy} - (Human society and institutions are part of Babylon’s domain, but God is summoning His children to separate from her while there is time)

  1. The Final Note - {PDF Copy} - (The arrival of Jesus will mark the end of the present order and the commencement of the age to come, the resurrection of the dead, and the New Creation)
  2. The Spirit of Antichrist - {PDF Copy} - (The Antichrist Spirit works to destroy the church from within, especially through deception propagated by deceivers and false teachers – 1 John 2:18-22)
  3. His Righteous Judgments - {PDF Copy} - (The arrival of Jesus will result in the vindication of the righteous, but the condemnation and rejection of the wicked - 2 Thessalonians 1:5-10)

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