Daniel 7 - 12


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  1. First Three Beasts - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel saw four creatures with strange features ascending from the wind-tossed sea, representing four successive kingdoms)
  2. The Bear and Leopard Identified - {PDF Copy} - (In Daniel’s vision in Chapter 7, the identities of the second and third beasts are found by comparing the vision with the Book’s other visions)
  3. The Fourth Beast - {PDF Copy} - (The fourth beast is the focus of the vision, especially its little horn with a mouth speaking great things)
  4. Little Horn - Interpretation - {PDF Copy} - (The vision of the fourth beast, its little horn, and the war it wages on the saints is interpreted for Daniel by an angel)
  5. His Everlasting Dominion - {PDF Copy} - (Portions of Daniel’s vision of the four beasts from the sea and the Little Horn are applied to Jesus and his saints in the New Testament)
  6. Time, Times, Part of a Time - {PDF Copy} - (The war against the saints will endure only for the allotted time – a time, times, and part of a time)
  7. The Mouth Speaking Great Things - {PDF Copy} - (The Mouth speaking great things in Daniel appears in Revelation in the description of the Beast from the Sea that persecutes the saints)
  8. The Ram and Goat - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel received a vision of a ram that was overthrown by a goat with a prominent horn, representing Greece)
  9. King of Fierce Countenance - {PDF Copy} - (A malevolent ruler arises from the Greek world who deceives and persecutes the people of God until he is broken without hand)
  10. Word of Jeremiah - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel began to inquire into the promised end to the Babylonian Captivity that was recorded in the book of Jeremiah)
  11. Commencement of the Seventy Weeks - {PDF Copy} - (The start of the “seventy weeks” is linked to the prophecy by Jeremiah on the Babylonian Captivity)
  12. Prayer and Visitation - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 9:3-23 - After praying for the restoration of Israel, the angel Gabriel appears to explain the vision to Daniel)
  13. Seventy-Sevens Divided - {PDF Copy} - (The interpreting angel outlines six redemptive goals to Daniel that must be completed by the end of the Seventy Weeks – Daniel 9:24)
  14. The Word to Return - {PDF Copy} - (The word to return marking the start of the seventy sevens is the prophecy of the captivity recorded in Jeremiah – Daniel 9:25)
  15. The First Sixty-Nine Weeks - {PDF Copy} - (The first sixty-nine weeks set the stage for the tumultuous events of the final or seventieth week – Daniel 9:25)
  16. After Sixty-Two Weeks - {PDF Copy} - (After the first sixty-nine weeks, a malevolent leader appears who corrupts the city and desolates the sanctuary – Daniel 9:26)
  17. Final Week - Abomination - {PDF Copy} - (The final week includes verbal links to the other visions of Daniel, especially to the abomination of desolation)
  18. In Plain Sight - {PDF Copy} - (The “word to return and restore Jerusalem” is identified clearly at the start of the “seventy weeks” prophecy in chapter 9 of Daniel)
  19. Final Vision - Introduction - {PDF Copy}  - (Daniel chapter 10 introduces the final vision that is detailed in chapter 11, including verbal links to the vision of the Ram and Goat - Daniel 10:1-21)
  20. Persia Stirs Greece - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 11:1-4 - The conflict between Persia and Greece portrayed in the vision of the ram and goat is recapped in chapter 11)
  21. The King of the North - {PDF Copy} - (The war between the kings of the North and South culminates in the rise of an arrogant ruler who persecutes the saints)
  22. The Time of Tribulation - {PDF Copy} - (An angel pronounced a coming time of indignation upon the people of God such as they had never experienced - Daniel 12:1-13)
  23. The End of the Indignation - {PDF Copy} - (The war against the saints will terminate after the period of a time, times, and part of a time – after the tribulation Daniel 7:25)
  24. The Lawless One - Forerunner - {PDF Copy} - (The Little Horn in Daniel is the model for the Man of Lawlessness described by Paul to the Thessalonians)
  25. The Little Horn - (The description of the Little Horn fits the known history of the Seleucid king, Antiochus IV, who waged war on the Jewish nation) - {PDF Copy}


Second Trumpet

Short Season