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  1. Introduction to the Book of Daniel - {PDF Copy} - (An introduction to the Book of Daniel with background information and a brief on how the Book of Revelation applies passages from Daniel)
  2. The Tower of Babel, World Empire and Human Presumption - {PDF} - (The presumptions of world empire are a legacy of the incident at the Tower of Babel, the first attempt at global rule)
  3. In the Babylonian Imperial Court - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 1:1-21 - Daniel and his companions are educated in the courts of Babel, the ancient Land of Shinar)
  4. The Great Image of Nebuchadnezzar - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 2:1 - 3:30 - The golden image of Nebuchadnezzar, a prototype of the number and image of the Beast)
  5. Downfall and Restoration of a King - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 4:1-37 - Nebuchadnezzar is removed from power for seven "seasons" until restored by God)
  6. The Head of Gold Shattered - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 5:1-31 - The overthrow of Babylonian power by the Medes and Persians)
  7. The Next Imperial Power - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 6:1-28 - Daniel delivered from the Lions Den demonstrates Yahweh's control of events in the new Empire)
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  1. Four Beastly Regimes, Part 1 - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 7:1-14 - The vision of four beasts ascending from the sea and the Ancient of Days)
  2. Four Beastly Regimes, Part 2 - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 7:15-27 - The interpretation of the four beasts from the sea and the "little horn" of the fourth beast)
  3. The Vision of the Ram and the Goat - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 8:1-14 - A vision of a ram overthrown by a goat, and the desecration of the sanctuary)
  4. Interpretation of the Ram and the Goat - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 8:14-27 - The focus of the interpretation is on a malevolent king from the Macedonian empire)
  5. The Seventy Weeks - Prayer and Visitation - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 9:1-23 - The prayer of Daniel at the end of Jeremiah's 70 years captivity)
  6. The First Sixty-Nine Weeks of Daniel - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 9:24-25 - The first 69 weeks of the Seventy Weeks prophecy)
  7. The Seventieth Week of Daniel - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 9:26-27 - The final week of the Seventy Weeks prophecy)
  8. Final Vision, Introduction - {PDF Copy}  - (Daniel 10:1-11:4 - An angelic visitation precedes Daniel's final vision)
Roman Colosseum by Dario Veronesi on Unsplash
Roman Colosseum by Dario Veronesi on Unsplash.com

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