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  1. The Tower of Babel, World Empire and Human Presumption - {PDF} - (The presumptions of world empire are a legacy of the incident at the Tower of Babel, the first attempt at global rule)
  2. Food Offered to Idols - {PDF Copy}  -  (Daniel 1:8, Revelation 2:10 - Daniel and his companions refused to participate in the religious rituals of the imperial court, a pattern followed in the church at Smyrna in the book of Revelation)
  3. The Start Date of the Seventy Weeks - {PDF Copy} - (Daniel 9:24-24 - The pivotal date of the commencement of the Seventy Weeks)
  4. Daniel in Revelation - The Time of Fulfillment - {PDF Copy} - (How the Book of Revelation applies prophecies from Daniel)
  5. Daniel Chapter 7 in the New Testament - {PDF Copy} - (How the New Testament applies verses from Daniel's vision of four beasts ascending from the sea)
  6. The Identity of the Little Horn - {PDF Copy} - (The “Little Horn” described in Daniel 7:7-8 fits perfectly with the known history of the Seleucid king, Antiochus IV)
Mosaic from the Ishtar Gate - Public Domain, Wikipedia.org
Mosaic from the Ishtar Gate - Public Domain

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